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10 Steps To Making Money Without a Job

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Are you ready to start making money ?

Ok, here is your 10 step Blueprint for you
to start making money today!

Step 1 - A prospect calls a phone number we give you.

Step 2 - They listen to a 2-minute intro about our opportunity.

Step 3 - They press 1 to learn more.
-They get a text message from our SMS auto-closing system
 starting a conversation with them, not a link and not some
 spammy sales message.
-You get a new lead in your back office which then goes into an
 auto SMS follow up sequence where we qualify and close the sale for you.
 You get to see the status and progress of that lead as they move through
 the funnel in real-time.

Step 4 - They go through our 6 minutes 100% phone-based sales overview
recording which gets them very interested and ready to send you $100 directly.

Step 5 - They tell your automated assistant who’s working for you 24/7/365
(aka our SMS closing system) that they’re ready to get started.

Step 6 - Our 1st of it’s kind, extremely unique and innovative SMS closing system
literally signs them up for you right there on the phone in the text message conversation.
They never have to click a single link. 

Step 7 - The SMS closing system gives them instructions on how to send you $100 directly.
- You receive said $100.

Step 8 - Your new team member gets their own phone number which gives them their own
automated assistant working for them 24/7/365. 

Step 9 - You receive their 2nd $100 sale and their 4th $100 sale in our simple
but powerful reverse 2-up Comp plan. They keep their 5th sale on to infinity. 

Step 10 - You get 5 more people to call your phone number and enter our closing system
either through your own efforts or from us fronting the cost of your first marketing campaign,
from there,they will follow these same 10 steps. 

This is the cycle of abundance as you build your own Abundance Network! 

Ready to get started? 

All you need is to Have $150 ready and then Call (516-517-0154)

 or Visit


 Don’t be lazy. Write the number down and call it from your mobile phone
 or copy and paste it. It takes 5 seconds and worth every second. 

Oh, yea...this is no money game either.

There’s massively valuable and powerful technology backing this whole thing
that you and everyone else gets for a one-time cost of $150.

Not to mention...

for those who choose to do so, you’ll also be able to leverage this same technology
in your own business and customize it to fit your needs!

 Oh, and when any of your referrals choose to do this...

you make even more money paid directly to you...
monthly or yearly this time.

Call (516-517-0154)
Visit http://salesrobot.ai/share/Rich  

To Your Success!